Am I My Brother’s Keeper: Social Responsibilities of Christians to Each Other

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Spiritual Responsibilities of Christians to each other

1 Cor 12:14-26 teaches that each member in a church fulfills a certain responsibility in the “body.” Notice several responsibilities Christians have toward one another.

1. Love one another.

  1. Definition: Not a romantic feeling, but a decision to do what’s best for another. agape` — Godly, sacrificial, giving kind of love (c.f., John 3:16).
  2. Love is:
    1. a commandment John 15:12, Rom 12:10, 1 John 3:11
    2. an evidence of being saved 1 John 3:14, 4:7
    3. an evidence of being a disciple John 13:35
    4. the proper response to God’s love for us. 1 John 4:11

Q.– can you love somebody without liking him? [Yes, because love is not a feeling.]

2. Pray for one another. [how many have a prayer list?]

Pray for:

  1. effective evangelism 2 Thes 3:1 [make most of opportunities]
  2. bold testimony Eph 6:19 [We need boldness. Easy to be timid. ]
  3. physical healing James 5:16
  4. maturity Col 1:9-10 [i.e., spiritual growth]

3. Serve one another. Gal 5:13

  1. True leaders are servants. Matt 20:25-28
  2. Spiritual gifts are to be used to serve. 1 Pet 4:10

4. General responsibilities:

  1. Do good to one another. Gal 6:10
  2. Be kind to one another. Eph 4:32
  3. Forgive one another. Col 3:13
  4. Edify one another. Rom 14:19; Eph 5:19

Application: Our youth ministry participants should love, pray for, serve, forgive, edify, and be good and kind to each other. It should be sheltered from insults, name-calling, ridicule, sarcasm, and any other action that could hurt another person.


  1. Thanks for the lessons. We started a new youth group from scratch and have not come up with any literature yet. These kids are mostly unchurched and so many books are set up for kids who are used to going to church…If you have any suggestions of literature, please email me

  2. Vanessa says:

    I have gone from teaching little children to teaching the youth. Any ideas you can share for a new teacher?

    • Hi Vanessa: Probably the biggest pieces of advice is to delve deep into the doctrines and don't worry about getting into difficult subject matter. This is what helped me teach/write. You will walk out of your class having more questions and discussion than ever before if you challenge them. Of course, some kids will simply bawk (and some parents). I found it was more of the parents who thought I was over the kids head. What was revealed is that the kids ended up knowing more and having more appreciation for the deeper things than their parents.

  3. Wait, are you certain these are social/moral responsibilities of Christians ONLY "to each other"? Why not "Social responsibilities of Christians to all other"? After all, the entire premise of the question in the Bible is to give context to the notion that our moral responsibilities extend not mere to those like us, but to those very different than us. Throughout the New Testament, the consistent example if one of the circle of conclusion opening farther, enveloping yet more "outcasts"–not just members of "the body"–into Christian concern. To the Christian, our social responsibility is to ALL: the fellow churchmember, the Jew, the male, the female, the Black, the White, the Free, the Enslaved, the Muslim, the Democrat, the Republican, the Poor, the Rich, the Atheist, the Child, the Elder…Not merely "to each other."

  4. You overlooked the scope of this lesson. It is to present "spiritual responsibilities of Christians to each other." The phrase "one another" is used extensively through the New Testament and this is the purpose of this lesson.

    Why would you overlook the obvious premise of this lesson and conclude that we do not believe we have social responsibilities to other people groups? That is absurd.

  5. Can you tell me, who is a Christian truthfully? Can I look inside your heart and know your intent and desires? Can you understand that "my brother" is truthfully in reference to all humanity regardless of faith, family or fortune? Jesus died for the world, no exceptions or exclusions. Jesus completed the entire law in one act it does not matter if you believe him now or on your death bed. Gal 5:14 NIV – The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself." His heart, His desire, His passion is found in every human even if they are not currently recognizing it. We are perfected in His completed work Jhn 19:30 NIV – When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. It is finished τελ?ω tele? completed nothing to add or remove. Not one kind or cruel act will undo his salvation. Because of this we must be our brothers keeper regardless of who is or is not in our perception "saved". The title dead to the world and all that is in it is His and not one will be taken from His hand. Only what I have done for Loves reward will stand the test of time. When all has been said and done and when my life is done. There is just one thing that matters. Did I do my best to live for truth? Lord, did I live my life for you?

  6. hi
    My name is Maure Arikitau from the Repbulic of the Marshall islands.This year i will help my youth for their spiritual walk with the Lord ,more kind of a youth sunday school teacher and counselor…….I need help with the Bible reading/schudule within a year and a cirrulum

  7. I am amazed at how on a website aimed at helping leaders lead their youth groups that others would post comments attacking these lessons. If you don't agree that is your choice but if it is Scripture than why post your opinion and take away from the TRUTH of God's Word. Listen, opinions are like armpits everybody has them and most of them stink. Stick with the TRUTH of God's Word because in the end it is the ONLY SOURCE OF REAL TRUTH. I will take God's TRUTH over man's OPINION any day!!! GOD BLESS!!! THANKS FOR THESE INSIGHTFUL RESOURCES!!!

  8. I have found this particular article to be really insightful. Thanks for publishing it.

  9. Anita Brown says:

    I've only been a sundy school teacher a couple of mths.It seems real hard to hold the childrens attention,mostly the boys.I'm trying something different this sunday,giving my own sitting arranfements.Boy, girl, I know its not fair to the girls cause they usually pay attention,but I don't know what eles to do.Have thought of sending them to set with the parents when they act out and telling them why.I'm teching this lesson this sunday,Am I My Brother's Keeper,please pray that all goes well.Enjoy reading the lesson,I love this web site.Thank you.

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