About Us

We began this project in 1995. At that time, we called the curriculum Tools 4 Teens. All of us were and are youth pastors in Baptist churches. Our approach was simple. We wanted our teens to receive a well-rounded education. We wanted a curriculum that introduced new believers to the Christian faith, challenged the older believers to “think hard after God” and for all, to practice their faith.

With that in mind, we organized our curriculum around the study of God using the following divisions (Calvin originally identified these):

  1. Systematic Theology: The doctrines of Scripture
  2. Biblical Theology: A study of each book with an emphasis on learning what it meant originally. Then, a proper application of timeless truths found in the book.
  3. Historical Theology: A study of people and groups in history as they relate to “living out their faith” in their particular time.
  4. Practical Theology: Not that any of the above are not practical. We use the term “practical” to refer to our practice. How do we “live out our faith” in our culture.

Questions and Comments? Do you have questions or comments about the content in a particular lesson?  With Free Sunday School Lessons, you are given opportunity to speak directly to the authors. You may do so in one of two ways:

  1. Public Discussion: Each lesson contains a comment script at the bottom. You may ask questions directly about each lesson.
  2. Private Discussion: You can visit the authors page to email them directly.