Anger: Be Angry and Do Not Sin

Be Angry and Do Not Sin Eph. 4:26

Describe below the worst trouble anger ever got you into.

What does the Bible say about ANGER ?

  • Anger itself is not sinful. Like any emotion, anger can become destructive if we do not express it biblically.
    • God gets angry. Ex 22:24; Ps 7:11
    • Jesus got angry. Mt 21:12; Mk 3:5; Jn 2:13-17
    • Believers may get angry. Eph 4:26 [righteous indignation: anger against sin, evil, immorality, injustice, blasphemy, etc.]
    • The energy of anger can be beneficial. 1 Sam 11:6 7, 17:26, 50
  • Anger becomes sinful in two ways: [sinful anger is self-centered, concerned with what happened to me. Based on pride and self-pity. ]
    • By venting it    “blowing up,” rage, tantrum. The energies of anger are vented on others. [This is how murder happens. Mt 5:21-22 ]
    • By keeping it – holding on to the emotion, allowing it to linger, not dealing with it correctly. Anger kept inside leads to bitterness, hatred and a negative attitude.
  • Common results of Anger:
    • Hatred and Murder Gen. 4:5 8
    • Bad attitude
    • Assault Num 22:27
    • Pouting 1 Kings 21:4
    • Stupidity Prov 14:17; Ecc 7:9
  • What to do about Anger:
    • Deal with it correctly.
      • Recognize the emotion and the potential for damage.
      • Try to discern the cause of your anger. It is legitimate? If not, simply refuse to be angry. Let it slide. Don’t worry about it.
      • Do not let it simmer. This leads to bitterness and hatred. [Our text indicates that we should deal with it quickly. Anger tends to grow and fester. Even righteous anger can lead to sinful anger and acts. Get rid of it. ]
      • Do not let it explode. This hurts others and yourself.
      • Confess your sin and make restitution (if you need to).
      • Re direct it. Channel the power of the emotion into a solution of the problem.
      •    Be solution oriented. Can you solve the problem? Maybe there is nothing you can do. If you have no power to solve the problem, it does no good to be angry. [E.g., you had your heart set on going to a friend’s house, but at the last minute your folks plan something else. ]
      •    Direct the energy into solving the problem. [Anger is powerful. Perhaps you can come up with a solution that would please all parties involved.]
      • Focus on the problem, not on people . [Don’t jump on others just because you didn’t get your way. ] .
      • Don’t try to pay back the one who caused the problem. God is the judge; He will repay. [ Read Rom 12:17-21 This is very difficult. E.g., playing basketball and a player keeps riding you, giving you a hard time. Easy to vent your anger on the guy. Problem is that you will get called for the penalty, which makes you even more angry. ]

Conclusion: Anger is a natural emotion. How we handle our anger may be sinful or proper. Next time you get angry, think about what we studied today and try to respond biblically.


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