Bible Boot Camp: Basic Training in Biblical Principles

Bible Boot Camp: Basic Training in Biblical Principles

This introductory discipleship series will focus on the practical, basic elements of the Christian life. For those who have been Christians for some time, this material will be a review of lessons already learned and (hopefully) applied. For new believers, this material will serve as foundational truth on which to build a solid Christian life.

Note: This material is the teacher’s edition–the answers are filled in and comments (in italics) are included. To make a student copy, simply empty the blanks and remove the comments.


Lesson 1: Salvation

Lesson 2: Assurance of Salvation

Lesson 3: Church Membership

Lesson 4: Baptism

Lesson 5: The Bible

Lesson 6: Prayer

Lesson 7: Daily Devotions

Lesson 8: Separation

Lesson 9: What to Do About Sin

Lesson 10: The Lordship of Christ

Lesson 11: Proper Behavior

Lesson 12: Evangelism

Lesson 13: Stewardship

Lesson 14: Christian Growth

Lesson 15: How to Get the Most from a Sermon

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  1. creascent ranaweera says:

    i'm asri lanken. iwant to see the road shown by the bible & teach to my country people regarding this please help. thank you.

    • I hope you have found this road dear friend…I see it has been nearly two years since you posted this..I pray God led you to the road…the only WAY…Jesus…”Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me..” John 14:6

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