The Christian Walk: Contents

The Christian Walk: Contents

The Bible often describes the Christian life in terms of walking or running. The Christian walk begins with a step of faith (salvation) and continues in the daily, practical walk of faith. Living as a Christian is something like a walk in that the believer should be making progress, moving forward, not standing still spiritually. The Christian life is a road or a path the believer travels, and Christians should seek to walk this path in the way that God intends.
This series of lessons seeks to explore what the Bible says about the Christian walk and to apply those principles to practical daily living. We will seek to distill principles from both the OT and the NT as we describe how God’s people ought to live.

Theme Verse: Colossians 2:6–7 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.

William Cowper, 1731–1800
O for a closer walk with God,
A calm and heavenly frame,
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb!
So shall my walk be close with God,
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.

Note: While the Bible contains many synonyms for “walk” (e.g., go, run, live, step, follow), this material mostly focuses on passages that use the word “walk.”

Lesson 1: Introduction and Definitions

Part 1: How Not to Walk
Lesson 2: How Not to Walk, part 1
Lesson 3: How Not to Walk, part 2
Lesson 4: How Not to Walk, part 3

Part 2: How to Walk
Lesson 5: Walk Rooted and Built Up
Lesson 6: Walk in Obedience
Lesson 7: Walk in Truth and Sincerity
Lesson 8 Walk in the Old Paths; in the Ways of Good Men
Lesson 9: Walk Uprightly/Righteously
Lesson 10: Walk in the Fear of God
Lesson 11: Walk in the Name of the Lord our God
Lesson 12: Walk by Faith
Lesson 13: Walk in Newness of Life
Lesson 14: Walk in the Spirit (3 parts)

Lesson 15: Walk According to Your Calling
Lesson 16: Walk Decently/Properly
Lesson 17: Walk Humbly
Lesson 18: Walk in Good Works
Lesson 19: Walk Worthy
Lesson 20: Walk in the Light
Lesson 21: Walk in Love
Lesson 22: Walk Circumspectly
Lesson 23: As Christ Walked

© Brad Anderson, Liberty Baptist Church of Antigo, WI, Fall-Spring 2012-2013. This is the teacher’s edition of the notes. The blanks are filled in. To make a student copy, simply empty the blanks and print out the students’ copies. Resources footnoted.

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