Free Sunday School Lessons

Are you looking for quality, Bible-based material to use in your church, homeschool or need a devotional for that special occasion? If so, then Free Sunday School Lessons is the right place for you. You will not be disappointed by the amount and quality of the various Sunday School lessons, devotionals and resources located here.

We welcome you to our site. The material you find here represents a conservative, evangelical, Baptistic, dispensational, and moderately Calvinistic, non-KJV-only perspective. We allow you to place comments that are constructive in nature, find a flaw or honestly seek an answer.

Why Do We Provide These Sunday School Lessons for Free?

We developed these materials for our own people. We have been compensated for our efforts. Our friends and colleagues in ministry asked for copies, so we established a web presence to distribute these materials 24/7/365. Though we could sell these materials, we are not motivated to make a profit. In fact, our greatest desire is to remove an obstacle that prevents solid, exegetical teaching in churches.

Are These Free Sunday School Lessons of Less Value Than Purchased Materials?

Having used materials by various publishers for years, we recognized a need for Sunday School lessons that challenged their students to “think hard after God.” We are neither about gimmicks or talk-show styled groups. We simply present the truths of Scripture in a relevant, clear, understandable way. We provide links on our supplemental pages to other ministries who provide quality materials. Click to know what we believe.

How Well-developed are These Free Sunday School lessons?

This project has been a combined effort of three M.Div. students since 1995. These materials have been written, taught, edited and cross-edited by seminary graduates. The editing process continues. We encourage our users to interact with us and help us refine the materials.