Biblical Foundations for Living: Teen Edition

Systematic Theology for Teens

Biblical Foundations for Living: Teen Edition

Now, freely available here is the Teen Edition of Biblical Foundations for Living.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Who Am I?

Section One: The Doctrine of God–Who am I? I am a finite creature who is responsible to the infinite Creator.

Section Two: The Doctrine of the Bible–Who am I? I am a recipient of the Bible, God’s communication to man.

Section Three: The Doctrine of Man–Who am I? I am a sinner who has offended the God who created me to reflect His image.

Section Four: The Doctrine of Christ–Who am I? I am an undeserving recipient of God’s love.

Section Five: The Doctrine of Salvation–Who am I? I am an obedient, growing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Part Two: Why Am I Here?

(The Doctrine of the Church)

Section One: The Purpose of the Church–Why am I here? I am here to bring glory to God through the ministry of His Word.

Section Two: The Objectives of the Church–Why am I here? I am here to worship God, serve His children, and reach the lost.

Objective One: Edification

Objective Two: Evangelism

Objective Three: Expansion

Section Three: The Destiny of the Church–Why am I here? I am here to participate in the reign of Jesus Christ.


  1. Janet O. Maddix says:

    This looks like a good Sunday School format. I teach the teens at Globe Christian Church and would like to try this for my class. Could I get free 15 student books and 1 teacher book?

  2. Janet O. Maddix says:

    Biblical Foundations for Living looks like a good study for me to use in my Sunday School Class? How can I get the copies?

  3. I tried to download the teacher archive and it kept erroring!

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